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Team Zipline

How Zipline is reaching out to schools and educating the community on our operations

“Launching Zipline 870 in…3! 2! 1!”

Students watch as a drone is launched and accelerates to 60 miles per hour in less than a second, drops a package precisely in a targeted landing zone, circles, and gets caught from mid-air on our recovery system. Then, like clockwork, someone says: “woah, this stuff is cool.”

Zipline Flight Operations Lead, Ross Pontes, giving a tour of the Greater Charlotte Distribution Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

As awareness of Zipline grows, so too do our community relationships. Tours of our facility and outreach in the community is flourishing. It is not uncommon to see a school bus parked in front of our flight facility, bringing groups of students to tour the Greater Charlotte Zipline Distribution Center. Each time a group comes through, more and more people — young and old — leave inspired.

Aside from developing a mutual affinity for cutting-edge technology, we want everyone to have one thing in common — aspiration towards our mission of transforming the way goods move by building an equitable and more resilient global supply chain.

Education is key to our success in inspiring the community and gaining their support. We aim to teach the current and upcoming workforces about new and unique opportunities that are available to them. In day-to-day operations, we will need remote pilots with FAA Part 107 certifications, aviation maintenance personnel, and fulfillment operators.

Zipline Flight Operator Josh Gordon presents at Elon University’s Drone Day (Elon, North Carolina)

In the coming years, we will need hundreds of new hires. As such, this is the perfect time to reach adolescents and young adults as they begin to think about their career trajectories. We have partnered with local robotics clubs, school districts, STEM educators, and CTE (career and technical education) directors. We also aim to develop partnerships with colleges and universities to discuss other areas of interest, from engineering and legal counsel to new site bringup, for those who have interest in traveling the world.

We are happy to show what our system can do and answer any questions related to working in the drone industry. Drone delivery is here, and we are going to need your help!

If you would like to request a speaker for a presentation or visit us in person, please reach out to at, and continue to look at job postings and internships at