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Zipline Gets Ready to Takeoff in Nigeria
Team Zipline
June 2, 2022

Kaduna State has taken the lead in Nigeria to provide the first automated, on-demand commercial delivery in the country. Home to both the largest economy and population on the African continent, Nigeria’s Kaduna State is investing in a more efficient and sustainable way to move medical products, ensuring continued economic growth and enabling those living in the areas served to receive equal access to those goods.

Kaduna State has one of the largest populations in the country, it contributes greatly to the country’s overall GDP. The security of existing transportation methods, however, has become an increasing challenge in the access to goods in this region. Together, Zipline and Kaduna State Government leaders will deliver medical supplies to hundreds of health facilities to help create more agile, responsive and accessible health systems to the people of this region.

Zipline will operate three distribution centers across Kaduna, covering an area of 46,000 square kilometers and delivering to more than 500 health facilities serving 9.4 million people. The company will begin by delivering more than 200 different medical products, including medicines and routine vaccines, with plans to expand to more, including COVID-19 vaccines.

“Investment in the supply chain makes health systems more efficient, effective and equitable,” said Amina Mohammed Baloni, Health Commissioner of Kaduna State. “This partnership is an important step toward ensuring people across Kaduna State have access to the care they need, precisely when and where they need it to drive better health outcomes and foster healthier communities.”

Zipline’s logistics solution inclusive of commodity management and high-quality storage, along with engineering and in-house flight operations, which directly and efficiently communicate with health workers and facilities will not only minimize security-related barriers to good accessed but will also relieve a burdened health system.

Zipline has a demonstrated track record of working with governments and health systems to transform health supply chains to be more efficient, accessible and sustainable. This success has had a massive effect on demand for Zipline services and we’ve seen incredible growth across the continent and also world, with 2022 bringing new flight operations in Ghana, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Japan, and the United States. A recent independent study, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, showed Zipline’s instant logistics system has significantly increased the availability, reliability and range of inventory at health facilities in Ghana by addressing supply chain challenges. Another in Rwanda, shows that using an entire system to stock and manage inventory alongside autonomous software and hardware technology to efficiently deliver these products, reduced waste and increased accessibility and faster delivery of necessary health products.

Kaduna’s first distribution center is the first of many distribution centers across the country to serve every Nigerian with the goods they need, when they need them.

“Instant delivery enables governments and health systems to optimize their supply chains and reimagine how care is delivered,” said Daniel Marfo, Senior Vice President of Africa at Zipline. “Zipline’s partnership with Kaduna State and governments across Nigeria unlocks these benefits for millions more people, and brings us one step closer to effective, agile universal systems that better serve all people.”