Delivering care

unlike ever before

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Delivering a better consumer experience

Instant, on-demand delivery creates a seamlessly convenient and unparalleled experience for patients to access care when and how they want.

Enabling superior care everywhere

Zipline enables care providers to make high-quality, expert care available to all their patients in any venue of care: at home, at the hospital, or anywhere in between.

Connecting the supply chain

Zipline’s end-to-end instant logistics service transforms your supply chain with responsiveness, efficiency, and reliability that helps care providers build stronger connections than ever.

Enabling your full operating model

Connecting facilities

Build a robust inter-facility supply chain to help providers deliver the care that patients need faster— from infusions to limited inventory medical products.

New venues of care

Decentralize care by instantly delivering the physical items required to treat a patient wherever they are whether that's an ambulatory facility or their home.

Creating convenience

Enable expanded access to on-demand delivery with a down-to-the-minute delivery window, empowering patients to get their deliveries on their terms.

Intermountain Health uses Zipline to extend care into non-acute facilities


Intermountain Health was searching for solutions to extend care into non-acute facilities and into the home to build a first-in-kind decentralized care model.


Intermountain Health will supply ambulatory practice sites with routine pharmaceutical shipments, increasing product availability as well as enabling PCPs to receive infusions from the central compounding pharmacy.

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Novant Health is leading COVID-19 response


Novant Health wanted a fast and efficient way to distribute PPE and other critical medical supplies across critical venues of care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


With Zipline, Novant Health launched the first long-distance drone operation in the U.S. to deliver PPE and medical supplies to health facilities and front-line medical teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Cardinal Health is reducing stock-outs at retail locations


Cardinal Health wanted to efficiently reduce inventory stock-outs and increase supply chain responsiveness for products within their retail pharmacy network.


Zipline’s service will be used for on-demand replenishment of pharmaceutical and medical products to retail pharmacy locations.

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Magellan Rx Management is enabling patient-centric care


Magellan Rx was looking to enable more patient-centric care, especially for those who have traditionally faced additional hurdles on their healthcare journey.


With Zipline, Magellan Rx can offer patients their choice of any convenient and specific window to receive their medication straight to their home, building care around patients instead of asking patients to build their lives around their care.

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How it works

Convenient and easy delivery

Zipline is transforming the customer experience with instant delivery.

End-to-end in 30 minutes

Delivery timeline
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1:03 pm
Prescription ordered

A provider prescribes a medicine to a patient during a telehealth visit and selects Zipline for immediate delivery.

1:09 pm
Prescription filled

The pharmacy fills the prescription, prepares the package, and passes the order to Zipline.

1:11 pm
Order packed

The order is verified, loaded into Zipline packaging, and placed into the aircraft.

1:15 pm
Zipline takes off

The Zip containing the prescription launches is flies to the delivery address.

1:30 pm
Order delivered

The Zip safely approaches the final destination and delivers the package to the customer's delivery area.